Years have passed since the debut of gTLDs, starting with .guru in early 2014. Now there are hundreds of such extensions. They expand branding choice for web publishers.

The gTLDs are the new extension domains that were offered after many years of rigorous debase about how they should be introduced. After an initial burst of adoption, they sagged when some of the companies offering them switched their pricing regime to a top heavy premium pricing model or even worse, a pricing model that comes with a large annual fee.

It is hard to make the case for acquiring domains with such characteristics, especially from registrars that have demonstrated a track record of suddenly boosting renewal fees after publishers have completed their sites. Not really fair ball one might suggest.

Yet that applies to only some of the gTLD registries. It also tends to obscure the fact that the gTLDs present a significant lead generation opportunity. Exact-match gTLDs tend to demonstrate superb search engine positioning and pull.

The advantage of the extraordinary gTLDs pointed here is that they were acquired in the early bird phase of the new extensions, before the premium pricing model was adopted, so our prices cannot be beat because we can pass those savings along as we operate from a lower cost base. These domains have low annual fees and yet most display absolutely stunning lead generation capability.

They are ideal for branding and build out or for augmenting traffic sources and reducing search engine costs.

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