This mid-1990s dot com domain holds a panoply of publishing options, with many serving the web’s top paying verticals. Short, memorable 1990s dot coms are hard to come by!

The domain is suddenly especially relevant with today’s worldwide concerns about outbreaks. Indeed, if you represent a non-profit, government or university-based organization involved in efforts to overcome the pandemic calamity, please let us know. If we find the right group, we will donate this domain to the cause.

But the domain is understandably also sought after for commercial purposes, appealing to everyone from supposed TV producers to games makers to fashion brands to multinational pharmaceutical companies. showed an exact-match monthly total on Google of 2.6 million hits, making it ideal for either lead generation or complete build out.

Grab it before the competition! If you need some tips on domains, please check our Insights page!

To acquire, please reach out using the contact form below!

Please let us know the amount in US dollars that you are offering for this domain name. If you are a university-based or government-based non-profit group fighting the pandemic, please provide us details about your group and we may well donate you the domain free of charge!